There are 56 ethnic minority groups spread across China, each with its own cuisine and history. Explore the country and its diverse culture via the kitchen. From China’s most populous minority, the Zhuang, to the Mainland’s remote ethnic groups. Come join our Chinese Ethnic Minority Cuisine workshop and learn more than another dish. Learn about another culture. Each workshop will bring you new flavors, new recipes, new stories, new friends.

The Hutong’s Chinese Kitchen series is designed to teach you the basics and beyond. Each of our cooking workshops covers wok and cutting techniques, tips on how to combine spices and provides the Chinese names of ingredients. You’ll learn how to make best use of fresh seasonal produce and prepare balanced Chinese meals for you, your friends and family. Take a gastronomic tour of China’s regions in our Chinese Kitchen. Only at The Hutong. Sharing Culture. Sharing Knowledge.

Our recipes change with each class, according to the chef’s selected dishes and seasonal produce. Please let us know if you have any dish preferences and dietary restrictions.
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Cost: 280 RMB, 220 for members.

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Last not but not least, The Hutong is proud to be going organic! TooToo Organic Farm is The Hutong’s health food partner, bringing you the best, freshest ingredients from the fertile soil of their farm in Pinggu County. No pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no genetically modified, only natural cultivation and free range poultry, meats, eggs and diary. Whenever possible, all fresh ingredients used at The Hutong are organic products delivered directly from TooToo Organic Farm.  For more information on TooToo Organic Farm and their Home Delivery Service in Beijing, visit their English online shopping website.