With an emphasis on spicy and sour, the bold flavors of Guizhou cuisine give it a reputation for being powerful and savory. It can apparently be “addictive,” too. There is an ancient saying which states, in so many words, that Guizhou people who go without an authentic sour dish for more than three days will begin to stagger about. While we cannot attest to the staggering, we can say with confidence that locals who go more than a few days without their “fix” of the local fare begin to long for the flavors of their home province. Just ask Chef AJ, who was born and raised in rural Guizhou before making his way to the capital.

A province that is one of China’s most ethnically diverse, Guizhou has developed a cuisine that varies considerably, while always sticking to its spicy and sour roots. Two staples are sour fish soup, featuring a zesty broth with sticky rice, peppers, shallots, ginger, and vegetables – and Guizhou noodles – there are so many varieties and so many tastes, yet in Guizhou’s way, all topped with sesame oil and a pinch of pickled cabbage to add the sour element.

Join Hutong Chef AJ as he takes you on a journey through Guizhou and its rich culture via the kitchen.

Guizhou is part of The Hutong’s Chinese Kitchen series, designed to teach you the basics and beyond. Each of our cooking workshops covers wok and cutting techniques, tips on how to combine spices and provides the Chinese names of ingredients. You’ll learn how to make best use of fresh seasonal produce and prepare balanced Chinese meals for you, your friends and family. Take a gastronomic tour of China’s regions in our Chinese Kitchen. Only at The Hutong. Sharing Culture. Sharing Knowledge.

Cost: 280 RMB, 220 for members.

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